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A Legacy of Breeding Excellence


I’ve always been in “show business” one way or another. As a 10-year-old boy soprano, I sang all over Australia and performed with the Nation’s top entertainers from stage and screen to my early teen years. I moved into contemporary dance whereby my early 20’s I was an established professional dancer working for various production companies around the world. After 2 decades working abroad, I came home to settle in Australia where my partner at the time, had two English Springer Spaniels from Norwegian & Swedish bloodlines. This is where my love of the breed started some 25 years ago. This love led me into the show dog community where I’ve learned so much about the beautiful English Springer Spaniel and this has only further spurred my passion for the breed.


The English Springer Spaniel is a sweet-faced, lovable bird dog of great energy, stamina, and brains. A medium size, well-muscled frame, and a dense coat, English Springer Spaniels are designed for outdoor activities. Their trademark coat comes in various combinations of liver & white, black & white, or with tan markings, adding to their distinctive appearance. Any future pet parent should also be aware of the breed’s energy level. It’s beyond impressive. As such, there are certain requirements to consider, including ample exercise to keep them content and well-behaved. It’s trainability is high, so we encourage all who purchase our dogs to invest in puppy pre-school to ensure you develop your dog to its optimal potential, whilst also providing you with the vital training tools to assist you in raising a well-adjusted and emotionally sound dog. 


At ESSQUIRE SPRINGER SPANIELS our dogs are handsome, mannerly pets during the week, and lively prize-winning show dogs on the weekend. We strive to continue a legacy of breeding excellence where we breed for Temperament, Type, and Conformation. Through our thoughtful and considered breeding program we aim to breed high-class show dogs who make beautiful, sound family pets. Our commitment to breeding excellence stems from respecting the accomplishments of the people who came before us and their contributions to building what we have today. It’s now up to us to leverage that by being custodians of the breed and develop it to the next level whilst protecting historic pure bloodlines into the future.

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